Sunday, December 19, 2010

Email Attachments

I am going to break away from the day by day experiences that originally formed the structure of this blog. Instead, I am going to be covering topics as individual posts. This will allow me the flexibility of blogging as many times per day as I like or none at all if I find nothing pressing on the given day.

With that said, the topic of this blog entry is going to be about email attachments. I've received several in the past 24 hours that I have had no idea how to handle. My first issue came with a zip file. There is no native functionality for handling zip files. This is where WobZIP can come in handy. The service will uncompress your zip files from the browser and share the contents with you. It can even handle your password protected archives.

My second attachment issue I am still working through. A family member decided to send me a Christmas forward yesterday and left me with the task of playing a wmv file on Chrome OS. I've contemplated forwarding the email to Posterous, uploading it to YouTube, and have also tried playing the file from my Droid X. The first two options may or may not work but neither are intended for the purpose and therefore I feel I would be cheating. I'm on a mission to find a service capable of playing or converting this file for me. Any suggestions are welcome.

Note: I've found some of the resources on this Lifehacker article titled Six Days Working Entirely from Chrome OS by Kevin Purdy extremely helpful.

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